Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Franktown Lilac Festival!

Recognizing the scale and massing of the lilacs in the area, the municipality of Beckwith Township officially designated Franktown, in 1994, as “Lilac Capital of Ontario.” Starting the 1995 the residents have hosted an annual Lilac Festival in May.

Franktown attracts many local, county and national capital area visitors.

Franktown promotes itself as the "Lilac Capital of Ontario". It is home to Lilac Lane, which features a beautiful park containing many lilac bushes that have grown there naturally over time, and where a lilac festival is held near the end of May. Within the park facility there is also a baseball diamond and play structure.

I am sorry that the wind was blowing rather hard today and this has resulted in less than great quality 3D photos.  This was also a rather expensive outing, as I was accompanied by my Wife and Mother in Law.  Of course, that meant I was on the hook for lunch as well.

I hope the photos are worth the "Great Expense" I endured.


  1. Thank you for sharing: My great grandmother was born in Franktown in 1879 she died in 1976 when I was 8. But she had moved to Ingelside Sask. Around her house was Lilacs and I remember fighting them to get to her house. I have always loved Lilacs! Any conection? Years have gone by but I have slips of her Lilacs around my deck of my house. (I have 150 trees planted in my 4 acre yard)I have said I live on Lilac Lane. Now doing geneology I follow her path and find Franktown, Lilac capital, Lilac Lane!!!! Any connection? Just to funny, I really knew nothing about this until I started my search. Thank you again for the pictures as I have never been there, but have my own lilac lane with lilacs on both side of the path in the front of my home.
    Toni from Manitoba

  2. ps hope lunch was good! :)