Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Golden Hawks

I went to an Airshow in the Nations Capitol yesterday and this is the first of a number of posts that will feature some of the sites;

Today :  The Royal Canadian Air Force Aerial Performance Team - The Golden Hawks.

In 1959 The Royal Canadian Air Force celebrated its 35th anniversary and 50 years of aviation in Canada. To mark that occasion a team called the Golden Hawks was created and was supplied with 6 Canadair Sabre Mk.5 aircraft and later on the Mk6. The airplanes were gold colored and on each side of the body there was a long red - white hawk. In 1960 due Golden Hawks growing popularity the pilots received new red suits and new patch.

Their airshow lasted for 25 minutes. In spite of having been created for only one year, they remained in existence until Feb 7, 1964, when they were disbanded for financial reasons. They had made 317 air demonstrations and in 1960 they became the first RCAF display team to visit the USA. The team also had one support Canadair CT-133 Silver Star (Canadair built under license T-33 Shooting Star) plane, painted in team's colors.

Please Note:  While the team was disbanded this one aircraft has been restored to the original condition and colours of the team.

Present and Past.  Canadian Snowbirds aircraft in the foreground with a Golden Hawk overhead.

More airshow photos to come.

Comments always welcome.

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