Sunday, September 25, 2011

September Team Penning

This weekend I took my Grandson to visit his Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Kurtis with their horses.

Some people mentioned to me they were having trouble viewing the 3D cross eye photos so today I am including Anaglyph Photos, these are the red/blue photos that require red/blue glasses to view.  I know it means you must go and purchase a pair of these glasses but it will ensure everyone can see the photos in 3D.

One nice young lady made it clear that she was not included in my original posts about team penning so she is being featured here today.

First the Cross Eye photos to be viewed in the manner showen in my tutuorial on viewing 3D photos.

And now for the Anaglyphs, don't forget to put your glasses on or they will look funny:

Please let me know, by adding a comment below, which format of 3D you prefer, if you have a preference.  I will be coming back to take more photos and would be happy to present them in whatever format you Team Penners prefer.

I do hope you enjoy these photos.

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