Friday, January 13, 2012

Our Grandson Chase ... Here is Nanny and Papa's Snow!

Our Grandson Chase, who lives in the Tropics of Canada, seems to think winter is over just because there is no snow where he lives.

Well Chase, Nanny and Papa have just shoveled all the new snow that just fell on us from last night.  Here are pictures of our neighbourhood so you can see our snow.  If you were here the snow would be over your head.

So tell Mommy to get out those funny glasses so you can see the pictures.

From looking out our livingroom window:

From looking out Kayla's bedroom window

From looking out Nanny and Papa's bedroom window:

and ... Here is Nanny outside in the Snow:

Nanny and Papa hope you enjoy these photos and we will save some of the snow until you come and visit.

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