Friday, February 17, 2012

Golden Princess Cruise to Hawaii

Welcome to my review of Golden Princess February 01-15 2012 to Hawaii

During this review I hope to cover the following:

Our two days before the cruise in Los Angeles;

The Ship;

The entertainment on board;

and, Our ports of call in Hawaii.

Starting with my next post, due to the fact I can only post a limited number of photos on each post on Cruise Critic, I will be posting the same words on my blog but each entry will have many many more photos associated with it. So if you haven't seen enough you can just select the link in my signature and you will see all the remainding photos associated with the post.

I do hope you enjoy this and if you have any questions I will do what I can to respond. Later in this review I will dedicate one post to the friends I met on board who requested I take a photo of them in 3D. Should they wish a copy all they need do is contact me and I will see you get a copy of the file so you can print it and enjoy it.

Each 3D photo takes about 15 mins to prepare so my next post will be as soon as I can prepare the photos associated with it. I hope it will be soon.

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  1. It sure looks like there are a lot of things to enjoy within this cruise ship, not to mention that awe-inspiring sights that we'll get to see once we're on board!