Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Little About Me and Why I Created This Blog

I am in my upper 50's and have been playing with photo manipulation for over 15 years now.

About 8 years ago my family decided to visit "The Grand Canyon" and that is where this whole 3D thing started.  I didn't want to go and take the same old photos everyone else was coming home with.  Rather I wanted to try and capture the "essence" or "magnificence" of this great wonder of the world.

As I surfed the web I came upon this whole cross-eye 3D photo method of taking photos and I quickly became hooked on the whole idea.

Since then we have been on a number of vacations including two cruises. 

Upon returning from each of these cruises I would visit the cruise chat forum called and write my review of our trip and include some of these 3D photos.  People on this site seemed to enjoy them to the extent that I decided to design this blog and let anyone who wished enjoy them.

A hobbie, or passion, is more enjoyable when shared with others. 

I hope you find something here you enjoy.  Your comments are always welcome.