Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Starting at the Beginning

While I call the blog "3D Cruiser" I actucally started this hobbie with a visit to Scottsdale AZ, Sedona, the Grand Canyon and Lake Powell.

Not counting the practice photos I took before the trip these are the first 3D photos I ever took.  I took these to ensure everything was working before encountering the great scenery which I will be posting shortly.

In Scottsdale we stayed at the Day's Inn across the street from the Scottsdale Fashion Square Shopping Center.  In the courtyard of the Inn was a play/park area which included a pool.  We were there in July and the temperatures were well over 115 decgrees thus the pool water was more like a hot tub.

During the evening we went for a drive around Scottsdale to see the sights and came across this beautiful house.  I just had to take a  photo.

The next day we drove from Scottsdale to Sedona.  Along the way we came across Arizona's version of Wendy's.

We have a timeshare that we traded for a resort just on the edge of Sedona.  These are a few views of the outside of the complex.

The inside of our suite was quite nice.  We had what they called a two bedroom unit.  It included a living room, dining room, small kitchen and master bedroom with whirlpool bath.  Attached is another one bedroom unit with a bed, sitting area and kitchenette.  We had our daughter say in that unit and she loved the idea she could shut the door between the units and feel like she was alone.

Daughter's room is quite a mess, as usual....

Our hotel complex overlooked a golf course with quite the background. 

That's it so far.  Now I have the practice over and next (post) we are off to view the sights of Beautiful Sedona

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