Saturday, July 9, 2011

Corkery Road

Last evening, while my wife attended a meeting in Almonte, I went on a photo road trip.  I ended up in a "local establishment" where I met this Celtic Music Group.  I decided to try taking 3D photos of them and this is what I ended up with.

PLEASE NOTE:  The 3D equipment I have is designed for daylight (or high light) situations only.  Inside shots can be taken with extreme settings but that tends to distort colour.  As a result these photos are not the best but it definitely does give the feel and mood of this great band.

Presenting:  Cokery Road

Corkery Road is a four-piece Celtic band that specializes in high-energy, infectious,
traditional music. With a repertoire ranging from familiar pub songs to wild
and dramatic historic tales, Corkery Road offers music that is sure to please
even the most diverse audience.

Slip back in time through melodies that shaped our heritage. Hear the voices of the
far-flung Celtic peoples who shaped this land, from Newfoundland to the Ottawa
Valley. Listen to stories of whaling, logging, emigration, pining for home, and having
a good time in the midst of hardships.

An evening with the band is certain to leave you changed.
You’ll feel up-lifted by the rhythms and melodies, energized by the beat,
and roused and haunted by the voices of our singers.

Find out more about this band by visiting their web site:


Members: Gordon Manuel    - Accordion
                John Fife              - Fiddle, Guitar, Vocals
                Jennifer Hoy         - Bodhran, Vocals
                Charlie Dunlap     - Guitar, Mandolin, Whistle

I was able to use my built-in flash on the camera for the above photos however, wanting to give you a flavour of this band I took a 3D video.  Not beeing a good boyscout, I was not prepared, thus did not have the required lighting for good quality video.  While you can see the group this video is posted so you can get a feel for their great sound, and the sounds of their appreciative audience last night.

If you ever get the chance to see this group I strongly suggest you do so.  They provide a fun, lively and energetic evening of entertainment.

Next post... My photos of Almonte.

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