Friday, July 1, 2011

A late Post to keep a Promise

While at the festivities today I met some people and subsequently took photos of them.  I promissed I would post the photos for them to see and will share the files with them if they so wish.  All they need do is email me at

The most important photo first:

Canada's Pride and Joy, recognized around the world!  Yes our RCMP, on the Hill today to keep us all safe and happy.  Thank you!

These two young ladies asked me to take their photo, with their camera.  I happily did so and then offered to take their photo in 3D.  After that off they went to enjoy their Canada Day.  I hope they had fun.

I caught a photo of this lady as she was being interviewed by a TV broadcast.  Later I got talking with her and her husband.  Turns out they are from the East Coast and are "Cruisers".  They have been on a number of cruise ships but their favorite is Holland America.  Boo!!  We love Princess but here is your photo anyway.  I hope you had fun in Ottawa.

I did get photos of the Canada Day Fireworks, and there are more Downtown photos to come in the following posts.

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