Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Kim and Little Kiyana

When I woke up today I found that my wife had guests.  Kim and her daughter Kiyana (8 months old) were here to say hello.

Kim was nice enough to allow me to take photos and post them here.  She tells me her father is also into taking 3D photos, so I am hoping for a visit from him and perhaps a comment.  I would love to know what he thinks of my 3D photos of his Daughter and Grandaughter.

Thanks Kim for allowing me to practice.

I am posting in both cross-eye and anaglyph to ensure Kim's Dad can find the format he is comfortable with.

I hope you like these and next time you visit I will be ready and get some good ones.


  1. what is the baby's name???

  2. my free 3D glasses have yet to arrive in the mail :)