Monday, October 31, 2011

People We Met in Vegas

During our travels in Las Vegas my 3D lens attracted attention.

People would stop us on the street to ask about the lens and how it works, and, in return I offered to take their photo with a promise to post them when I got home.

Some of the photos turned out and some did not.  Some photos I am happy with and some I am less than thrilled with.  Having said this I have posted them all so that should you be visiting to see the photo I took of you there will be something here, but I also appologize for the poor quality of some of these.

I have also posted in both anaglyph (red/blue glasses) and cross eye format.  To learn how to view in cross eye click here.

Of all the photos I took in Las Vegas I am most sorry for the photos of these girls.  They were out on a night of bachlorette partying and I was so caught up in their excitement that I moved when taking the photos and thus they are blurred.  Oh, how I wish I could have met them again to get a proper photo. 

Good Luck with your wedding.

If any of you would like a copy of these photos just email me and I will send you the original file.

The next post will be photos of the Casinos

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