Monday, May 7, 2012

Composition of a ShowGirl Photo - Golden Princess

Each vacation we take I try to create one photo that represents the whole voyage.  Since starting to cruise it ended up being photos of the show girls.

Thanks to the help of the CD and of Rebecca (Manager of the Dancers) I was invited back stage after one evening perfomance.  During this time the Girls happily posed for me allowing for a 3D photo.

The first photo below is the photo taken backstage/

I then "cut" the girls out of the photo to place them into a montage.

Next I found a photo of the Golden Princess so I could use it as a backdrop.  This is the photo I used.

With these two photos the following is the final creation.

As stated earlier, I have done this for each of the other cruises we have taken.  Here are the photos from those cruises.  You may notice a quality difference (I hope for the better) in these latest photos.

Caribbean Princess:

and the Carnival Pride:

The next post topic will be a surprise as I have yet to process the photos required.  So it will be a surprise for us all, me included.  I am hoping to have it posted within the next few days.

Comments and questions always welcome.

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