Friday, May 4, 2012

The Whales of Maui

It had to happen, and this is the post where it finally does.  Here, in the middle of all my 3D photos is a post completely in "normal" 2D.

Given the great distance between us and the whales and the sudden appearance and disappearance of the stars of the show, the taking of 3D photos became impossible.  Rather than have nothing I decided to "lower" my standards (LOL) and shoot 2D photos so I would at least have something to share.

To experience the whales for the first time is an experience beyond words.  Our day was over and we were back on board Golden Princess before we saw our first whale and to see them was to realize what we had really missed.  We missed the opportunity of a lifetime going out on an expedition amoungst these fantastic creatures and feel their presence and peace.

All the photos below were taken from the top deck of Golden Princess as we departed Maui.  As we were enjoying this encounter, we had the pleasure of having our naturalist Racheal on a loud speaker explaining what was happening, where to look and what it was that we were actually seeing.

What amazed me most was that the whole event of a sighting would happen and be over before you would even realize what you were seeing.  What I mean by this is that a whale would appear, spout water out its blowhole and disappear from view all while your mind is coming to terms with the fact that you were actually seeing this.  All this meaning that for every shot I took with my camera there were, easily 10 that I missed, and of course, really wish I had, now that I am at home.

Just so you understand.  If ever given the opportunity to take an excursion to go out and visit whales, DROP EVERYTHING and take the trip.  No matter the time, no matter the price no matter what... GO or you will regret it as we do.

For us, it is just another excuse to take this cruise again.

Next post we go back to 3D as we depart the Island of Maui and set sail for Ensenada Mexico.

Questions and comments always welcome.

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