Sunday, May 6, 2012

Elua - The Hawaiian Ambassadors

Just to change things up, instead of giving a day by day playback of the four days returning to the mainland I have decided to give subject oriented posts.  The first of these is concerning the fantastic duo known as Elua.
Elua is a Husband and Wife team of talented musicians, dancers and singers.  They call themselves the Hawaiian Ambassadors of Golden Princess but their real names are

and Dave.

They entertained us in the Piazza and on the pool decks with live hawaiian music and dance but they also, daily, gave Ukalele and Hula dance lessons.

While I have some 3D photos of them in action, I was fortunate enough to receive their permission to video one of their song performances and it is posted at the end of this post.

I hope you enjoy this and it gives you some idea of what is in store for you when you sail to Hawaii on Golden Princess.  It is my understanding Elua has signed a contract for another winter season with Golden Princess and Princess is the lucky winner in that agreement and all the passengers will the be the true winners.

Next post is my favorite:  The Composition of a ShowGirl Photo.

Questions or comments always welcome.

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