Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Visit to the Fern Grotto

Before we departed on our cruise I had many questions about this part of the trip.  What is a Fern Grotto, does anyone have photos of the Smith Family Luau etc. etc.

I hope to answer some of these either in word or in photos. 

So ... What is a a Fern Grotto?

Fern Grotto is a fern covered, lava rock grotto (cave) located on the Wailua River on the eastern side of Kauai in the Hawaiian archipelago. It forms a natural amphitheater which greatly increases the acoustics of the many bands that are hired to perform live music, which has traditional themes. Several boat companies give river tours which lead to the grotto. On April 24, 2006, the Grotto was closed by the Hawaii State Department of Land and Natural Resources for safety reasons. Heavy rains in March, 2006, caused a number of rocks and boulders to fall from the ceiling of the Grotto onto the viewing area below. It was re-opened in 2007 by the Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources following artificial reinforcement of the rock walls and installation of ramps to access to the grotto. Prior to the 2006 flooding visitors were allowed to enter the grotto. Today the grotto may only be viewed from the designated observation deck.

Access to the Grotto is by boat on the Wailua River as part of the Wailua River State Park. Tour boats ply the waters of the park and the Grotto has long been a popular stop on the tour. (taken from Wikipedia)

After arriving by boat we walked through a rain forest, on a cement walkway, to the Grotto.  This short walk took us through a rainforest with lush growth and beautiful scenery.

And then there was the Fern Grotto itself...

Next post ... The Smith Family Luau.

Questions or comments welcome.

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