Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cathy and Wayne's Wedding - The Wedding Party

NOTE TO VIEWERS:  I am not a Professional Photographer, rather I am just a guy doin' his thing!  When posting the photos of the Museum Grounds I was able to take only my best shots and display them.  This is different with the people shots, and it is the people at weddings that make the event so special.  I am, therefore, going to display those photos I can, but some are less than great quality.  I appologize for this in advance.  I have missed some people who attended and some photos are blurry.  I was not the "hired" hand so took what opportunitiies were available to me.  Further, this was my first event with my new camera and my new 3D lens so I was going through a steep learning curve this day.

Having said this, here are the photos I took of the different members of Cathy and Wayne's wedding party.

Next post ... The Reception.

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