Saturday, June 4, 2011

Improved photos (I hope)

I have joined a forum about 3D stereoscopic photography and have been on a steep learning curve.

To try and demonstrate the difference between photos I was posting and what I have learned from the people on the forum is demonstrated in the two photos below:

The first photo (taken on the Carnival Pride) had a vast difference between the right and left photos, in the foreground.  This caused confusion when the eyes were looking at it and trying to determine what part of one photo goes with the same area on the other photo.  They just don't match.

The following photo is the same as the one above with modifications made to correct for the difference between the two photos.

The following photo is one that I took today while my wife was busy at the annual garage sales.  I had to do something.  so...

I just love that little tree near the outside light.

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