Wednesday, June 29, 2011

We Turn THREE Tomorrow

Yes, the big day is finally here.  Tomorrow we turn 3 Months old and we are very proud of ourself! 

"Oh yes, and Papa is finally getting the hang of his camera so my photos are looking a little better than before.  Boy it's hard to pose for so many photos while he learns how to work that funny lookin thing!"


  1. word is william and kate are in ottawa...any chance we will see them in 3D on the blog??"?

  2. They arrive tomorrrow at about Noon.

    Willie called me a day or two ago, but on such short notice I had to tell him I was all booked up. In the future if he wants me to take Kate's photos in 3D he would need to give me more notice. I work strictly on a first come first serve basis, NO EXCEPTIONS! Sorry Your Highness'.