Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Action Outside the Ring - Team Penning

While everything is taking place inside the ring, much is taking place outside as riders either wait their turn or cheer on the participants.

Here is a Mom that just couldn't do two things at once.  Cheer, take photos, cheer, take photos.  Decisions! Decisions! Decisions!  Very hard to stay still as your children are penning.

Now, as I mentioned earlier, part of this sport (and they take this very seriously) is, you must wear western attire.  I question the western outfit this Mom was wearing.  Being new, and treated very nicely by all whom I met, I thought better of going and pointing this out to the judges.  I would think if your children are in the competition, then it would behove the parents to dress the part as well.  Even if they aren't in the Ring.

Also, like I said earlier, everyone is involved.  She could hardly stay still while her girls were competing.

Here are more photos of the camaraderie between competitors.  This was much like going behind stage at a broadway production and seeing what goes on prior and after the show.  The difference is, here it is open for all to see and partake in.  I was welcomed as though I was a long time member of the club.

More sideline photos next post.


  1. check out that lady's lense! now that is a zoom! is her camera a Canon? did you ask?