Thursday, August 4, 2011

Branching Out - just a little

While I love, and still have a steep learning curve concerning 3D photography, I thought I might just try something new since getting my new camera.

Tonight Linda and I went for a walk with our dog and I took the camera with me.

First I tried a Panorama Photo, hoping to capture the subtle colours of the evening sky:

Next, my first attempt at an HDR photo.  HDR stands for High Dinamic Range.  You take a number of photos at different shutter speeds resulting in a set of photos ranging from very underexposed to very overexposed.  You then take these into a photo manipulation program and it take the "Best" parts of each photo to give you a result which contains detail in both the high and low light parts of the scene.  Here is my first result.

Of course, I just couldn't go out and not take 3D so here are the photos I took on our walk.

Comments always welcome.

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