Saturday, August 27, 2011

HDR Sunset over the Ottawa River (2)

Here are more photos I took last night as I watched the sun set on a beautiful day.

I met some lovely people on the beach and they were willing to pose for photos.  NOW... I MUST EXPLAIN ...  This is the first time I tried HDR photos of a sunset and any kind of people photos in such lighting.  All this to explain why my results were so poor.

The lens I use has about 3 mirrors in each of the two lens' and I constantly got lens flares or extreme ghosting rendering the photos unusable.  I am sorry. 

I did manage to salvage a couple of the photos.  NOTE TO SELF:  When taking photos of people as the central subject, HAVE THE SUN at you BACK!!!!

Should I ever be fortunate enough to meet you again, I will get better photos.  I would not normally post these photos but I made a promise to you so I hope you enjoy them.

Comments are always welcome.

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