Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Baby Sister (1)

When I first arrived at the Team Penning Competition Marilyn was excited.  I thought she was happy to see my Wife, my Daughter and I.  Boy did I read that wrong!

She was excited  because I was there to take photos.  "OH", she said, "I always have to take photos of Kurtis but never get photos of me".  She is a bit of a whiner. (It's my blog Marilyn, I can say what I want!  You are welcome to rebut in the comment section if you wish.)

It is important to see photos of your runs, so you can see what you are doing correctly or incorrectly.  This part I understood.  So I took many photos of her and these are the best of the lot.

First, you must have a "rig" to house both you and your horses.

Another important part of this sport is: You must have a horse or two!

Paying homage to the horse is just part of the ritual.

Only after all this may you mount the horse in preparation for the competition.

You know... the more I explain all this ritual the more it is sounding like a cult!

Anyway, we can now enter the "arena" for the showdown!

Then comes the praying!  Did I mention this is sounding like a cult?

After all that, " All Heck" breaks loose and the best layed plans seem to fade away.  It would seem the cows each have a mind of their own.  Much like dog racing, where the best bets are layed of the mechanical rabbit the dogs chase, smart money here would be on the cows.

More of my "Baby Sister" in the next post.  As stated in earlier posts "I am no Expert", but she looks great to me.

Comments are always welcome.

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