Monday, August 8, 2011

Team Penning - A family Sport

Of all of the photos I took this weekend, the above is my most favorite.  Yes there is action, skill and excitement coming in some of my upcoming photos, but this one particular photo speaks to me of what this sport is all about.  Here is a Dad and Son, talking together, waiting their turn to go into the ring together and work as a team to accomplish their task. 

Yes, there are lots of sports where a Dad and Son would talk before the game, there are very few where both go together and compete alongside each other.  Wow, what a bonding experience.

Moms with Daughters, Brothers with Sisters, you get to see all combinations during the youth competitions.  It was great to watch and personally, this was my favorite part of the competition. 

Sorry Marilyn, it was fun to watch you but the Kids were the best!

Next we visit the action of the Big Money competitors.

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