Saturday, August 6, 2011

My Sister, Her Husband and their Horses

This is my (Baby) Sister Marilyn,

her Husband Kutris,

and obviously they are into wester horse riding.

For the next couple of posts (or more) I am going to post photos of the event Marilyn and Kurtis were participating in this weekend.

It is known as Team Penning.  For those who do not know what this is (and I am amoung you) I will attempt to explain a little about it along with the photos of the event taking place. 

First and most important, as from what I could see today, you can't just act like a cowboy/cowgirl, but you also have to dress the part.  I think the horses know the difference in your attire and if you are not dress correctly the horse will know it.  These are some very smart animals, at least that is what Marilyn tells me.

Next post.... A very special little cowgirl named Emily, and my youngest Daughter Kayla takes to a horse.

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