Monday, April 18, 2011

Caribbean Princess - Ports of Call

I must remind you that I was on this cruise still recouperating from Stage 4 Cancer Surgery.  As a result I was unable to do much in the way of touring our ports of call.  Even when I did make it off the ship I forgot completely about taking 3D photos so this post will be limited in the Photo Department.

The only exception was the port of San Juan.  I did make it off the ship and, because of public transport, was able to get over to the fort that Guards the City.  It was beautiful.

In Bermuda, a very beautiful Island, I only got to shore and then had to return to the ship.  As a result I only have these few photos.

In Turks and Caicos I only managed take one photo also.

It was a BIG day for me in St. Thomas, I managed to take 3 photos.

This completes my Photo Essay of our vacation on Caribbean Princess.  While I appreciate the photos I have (in 3D) it is always the one(s) you didn't get that bother you the most.

If only I had the trip to do over again, and had the stamina to go where I wanted on the shore excursions I would have so many more photos to share.

Next ...  Our Cruise On Carnival Pride (February 2011).

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  1. U should have taken me instead of Linda.We could have ogooled all the women and made complete fools of ourselves,got drunk and come to get issued a divorce from our better halfs,and regretted it for the rest of our life....LOL....Looks like U guys had lots of fun..just remember that it would have been more entertaining if U had brought Chase with U.