Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Carnival Pride - The beginning

NOTE TO VIEWERS:  Unlike the photo essay of Caribbean Princess (earlier posts) during the review of Pride I am going to include 2D photos alongside 3D photos.  this way you should get a good overview of the ship, our vacation and still enjoy the experience of 3D.

As with all our vacations, in anticipation I created a computer desktop image of the upcoming event.

We were booked on a 14 day LA to Hawaii cruise on Golden Princess departing March 2011 when our traveling companions encountered health difficulties with Cancer.  So, while we wait for them to win their battle we decided to take a “Filler” cruise, something to hold us over until Hawaii is again a possibility for the 4 of us.

The price and departure point played the biggest role in our decision as to which cruise we would book.  For a 7 day cruise I did not want the hassle of traveling by air so we decided our only viable departure points were either New York or Baltimore.

After some research we decided on the Carnival Pride out of Baltimore, 7 days with stops at Port Canaveral, Nassau and Freeport.

My passion and hobby is taking 3D photos that are viewable on the computer using the “Cross-eye” method, if anyone is familiar, or by printing them and viewing through those old fashion 3D viewers you can purchase at just about any antique shop. 

Next post... our trip to Baltimore and visit to the Inner Harbour tourist area.


  1. you have some GREAT photos...you should figure out how to prevent people from right clicking them...I have visited some blogs that do not let people take copies of the photos...

  2. Thanks for the suggestion.

    It has been my experience no photo is completely safe once posted on the web. Even the protected photos you talk about can be saved simply by doing a "print screen" of the whole view of your monitor and then in a photo manipulation program cut out the photo you want.

    This being so, I decided not to take any measures. Should anyone think enough of my photos to want to save them, it is my hope they might make reverence to my blog whenever they use them.

    This is what I have done in earlier posts about the Grand Canyon when I posted the 360 Panoramas, and hope for the same from others.