Saturday, April 23, 2011

Post Resulting from the Flood of Complaints:

Email, Phone calls, text messages, tweets and facebook posts have been inundating me since my earlier posts about Personal Announcements:  Heck more than half those forms of communication I don't even unerstand, but the message did get through... It was heard and well understood.    SO....

As a result, I have searched my files and found the only "acceptable" 3D photo I presently possess,

Here, Ladies and Gentlemen is our "Other Grandson" in 3D.

If you read my earlier posts you will remember I noted that Chase Oliver only knows 2 grears, VERY FAST or FAST ASLEEP!  I didn't get the sleeping photo so this is all I have:

It is blurry and difficult to view in any detail becuase, while Chase understood what PAPA wanted, he just couldn't bring himself to hold still for 2 seconds.  Boy is he fast!

On our next visit, Chase you better keep moving because I am coming with crazy glue and will stick you in place.  He obviouly does not appreciate how important photos are.  PAPA is now in trouble because of you and your energy!

Nanny and Papa Love you!

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  1. I didn't know we could complain through twitter and facebook. Can I have the link for those complaint departments please :)