Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Carnival Pride - Inside Public Rooms (1)

The Exercise, Spa, and Whirlpool area was very interesting. This is the only “gym” area that I have seen built on multiple areas. It was bright, colorful and unique. Of course, being located at the front of the ship, it provided a beautiful view of the bow and upcoming ocean.

Another place that I found extremely enjoyable to visit was the Sun Deck directly above the bridge. From this vantage point I was able to take some fantastic photos as we entered different ports.


The Taj Mahal Theatre is a spectacular area. Again I found the white walls with sparkles unnecessary but it was noticeable.

The seating area at the bottom was comfortable especially with the little tables in front of the seats. It gave you a place to put drinks etc. and still lots of legroom. I found the ceilings in this area to be low and when we sat at the back I had the feeling I was missing something as you could not see the top of the stage area. This was certainly not the case, the views were actually perfect, it was just a feeling I had. The upper balconies are the truly interesting part of the Theatre. There were stairs everywhere taking you to different levels. It is hard to explain but I would not have wanted to be the architect who designed this, it is truly interesting.

In the balconies, if you are of medium or smaller height you may find that the top of the protective glass will block your view. The glass is capped with a silver strip. It never bothered me but my wife had us move to the second row in order that she could get an unobstructed view because of this.

I will get to the entertainment a little later in the review.

Beside the theatre on the Promenade deck there are two (one on each side of the ship) lounges. They are called the Sunset Lounge(s). I am not quite sure what they were designed for but they did serve as a nice respite area if you needed to get away from everything. As a lucky balcony cabin guest we never felt the need to take advantage of this area but I can sure see how a person with an inside cabin might use this area more than others. It provided a lovely place to sit, watch the ocean pass by and enjoy a coffee (or other such beverage).  The décor seemed out of place from the rest of the ship but, all on it’s own it was quite a lovely little spot to find.

Directly below the theatre is the Butterfly Lounge. The entrance is special with all the butterflies in glass on display (see photos below). My wife spent a lot of time here examining each and every butterfly. She loved them.


The Lounge itself was great. I held a lot of people yet never felt cramped. Every seat gave you the feeling of being close to the performers and thus the shows were up close and personal. I loved the time we spent in this lounge.

Next Post ... Inside Public Rooms continued.


  1. At first I thought this was going to be a post about 'public restrooms'...boy am I glad it wasn't 3D toilets :)

  2. Hold on... You never know... Those photos may yet be coming!

    Thanks for the comment.