Friday, April 8, 2011

Horseshoe Bend (South of Glen Canyon Dam)

I found this Fantastic 360 interactive panorama of Horseshoe Bend and thought I would let you all see it.  I encourage you to visit the host web site, it is well worth the visit.  Click here

Horseshoe Bend Colorado River Arizona in Arizona

The Colorado River makes a nearly 360-degree bend in its canyon here, leaving a towering butte in the middle. It's an impressive sight and may make you wonder why the river didn't just cut straight through! The trail is just 0.75-mile long one-way and crosses a sandy ridge to a viewpoint high above the river.

Horseshoe Bend is right on the way to Page. Just about five miles south of Page, on Hwy 89, one should lookout for a small signboard that reads "Horseshoe Bend Overlook". It's extremely easy to miss this signboard, so one has to closely look out for it. If you've reached the intersection with Hwy 98, you've gone too far. If you are coming down south from Page, there is a signboard on that side as well. Make a turn westwards at the signboard, and in less than a quarter of a mile the road should end at a small clearing where cars could be parked. Because this location is unknown to most tourists to the Grand Canyon, this parking lot usually has ample empty spots. From the parking lot, the overlook is three quarters of a mile away. There is a well-marked trail that leads to the overlook. However, the trail consists mostly of loose desert sand and it can be a very strenuous hike. So carry lots of water or other fluids.

As you walk down the trail, loose desert sand gives way to sandstone rocks that date back to the early Jurassic period. Over millions of years, wind and water have eroded these rocks to create absolutely weird, but awe inspiring shapes and patterns.

Upon reaching the overlook, one is awed by the magnificence of the landscape that cannot be expressed in words or through a photograph. The overlook is at the top of a steep orange colored cliff several hundreds of feet high. Down below, an emerald green Colorado River makes a horseshoe shaped bend before rushing towards the Grand Canyon.

Here are My Photos:

Next post (hopefully tomorrow) Antelope Canyon and the wonder of Slot Canyons.

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