Friday, April 29, 2011

Carnival Pride - Beauties Disco

Moving further aft we found the most interesting, delightful and artful area on the ship (IMHO). Beauties Disco. This is the same venue they use for the Chef’s Table, which we did not partake in (unfortunately). I heard it was well worth the money and the food and entertainment was outstanding. This is 3rd hand information I know, but better than no information at all.

The disco is a very unique room. Upon entering you do not get the feel for the room. It appears to be this small little bar with a hole in the middle that allows you to descend to a lighted dance floor. On our first visit this was all we saw and we spent some time upstairs looking down at everyone having fun.

The next day we went down the circular staircase and found a whole other room, just off the dance floor, under the bar area. It could not be viewed from above. It was absolutely unique and quite bright and different.

I know that I have been pushing 3D photos in this review, they (to me) add something not normally included in reviews, and I also know that some of you are having difficulty viewing them, BUT…. The photo of the disco I took from the dance floor looking back towards the circular stair case and the “under room” is truly beautiful.

I encourage everyone to try crossing their eyes one more time and try and view this photo. You know how it is, after getting home you find one that stands out from all the others! This is the one for me. This photo completely captures the feel of the disco much more than any of my other photos. You will understand if you can view it.

Next was the Florentine Lounge. This was basically a waiting bar area just outside the Main Dinning Room. It was a lovely area to sit and listen to easy listening music usually played by a solo musician.
The area is usually crowded just before dinnertime and the ceilings are very low. I say this because one night, I believe it was second last night, they had the Theatre Band in here playing for us.

Now this band is great and their musicians are true professionals as is their singer (sorry I don’t remember her name), HOWEVER, they do their best work in the Theatre. When you take that same sound and volume (designed for a Theatre) and place it in such a small cramped area it quickly becomes overwhelming. While they were playing it was almost impossible to remain in the lounge. My wife and I, along with many others, were forced to leave the area until the dinner line had almost dissipated. The solo guitarist and/or the pianist truly missed on that night.

Once again, this has nothing to do with the talent or music of this band, just the venue where they were playing. The room just can’t handle such a powerful volume as they produce. Sad really, because that was our only real time to be up close and personal with the band and they were deserving of recognition.
Sorry, I do not have photos of this area. This is not due to the lack of enjoyment we had in this lounge, but rather the memory of an aging fool who just plain forgot. Sorry.

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