Tuesday, February 21, 2012

An Afternoon and Evening in LA

After saying goodbye to our new friends at Princess off we went in search of the sights a good tourist needs to see.

First and foremost we wanted to see the Hollywood Sign.  Now for those of you who have never used a GPS it can be an interesting piece of equipment.  It will always give you what you want but not necessarily what you are really looking for.  By this I mean that I input "Hollywood Sign" and it gave me 5 options all of which were views of the sign but none were how to get to the actual sign itself.  I wanted to go there to get a photo of the back side of the sign with downtown LA in the background.  No such luck.  After trying over and over we finally gave up and moved on the another sight.  But I did get the following photo just to prove we tried.

Next stop Grauman's Chinese Theatre.  Now, I have seen many tourist traps in my day but this one ranks at the top of the list.  I am glad we went but if I never go back it would be OK.  I can now say I have been there and done that.

Now I must admit the signatures in cement were really interesting but the new stars they have along the sidewalk kind of diminish from the mood.

After all this touristing stuff we were hungry so off we went to have a burger at Mel's Dinner!  What an experience.

By the time we had dinner behind us it was getting dark so we decided that window shopping on Rodeo Drive was what we needed to do next.  After all I could just barely afford window shopping so I was thankful to hear the shops were closed.

Next post, the Morning of Embarkation Day.

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