Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Princess Headquarters and Their Models

With the help and efforts of Mary Risa (our Princess TA) we were granted permission to visit Princess Headquarters to photograph the models of the cruise ships.

I heard, months ago, that Princess had these models on display however few people who cruise with Princess ever get the opportunity to view them.  Being the type of person who likes to do things a little differently than others, I took it upon myself to call Mary and ask for permission to visit and take photos.  Mary was kind enough to take this request on, and as a direct result of her efforts we were invited to visit their office complex the day before we set sail on Golden Princess.

Here are just some of the photos I took.  Once I complete this cruise review I will start another thread dedicated to just this visit and I will arrange the photos in some sort order so that you can best view them.

Here is a photo of my entourage along with Mary and Monique.  I guess when we showed up at the front doors of Princess HQ we looked like such a roudy group that Mary brought reinforcements along with her.  Monique is Mary's supervisor and we were as please to meet and talk with her as we were to meet Mary herself. 

We would like to thank Mary and Monique for their time and the effort they put into organizing this visit for us.  You have no idea how much we all enjoyed ourselves.  Our visit to meet you was "ALMOST" as much fun as the cruise on Golden Princess.

Here are photos of the models.  I will be doing a better job when I start my thread for just the models, at the end of this review.

Next post:  Downtown LA and Rodeo Dr. at night. 

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