Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Golden Princess Arrives in the Port of LA

The big day finally arrived and I was still on Eastern Standard Time.  So what does a person do at 6 am when you are wide awake and everyone else is fast asleep?  Go outside, cross the street and watch Golden Princess arrive in the Port of LA. of course!

I took these 3D photos unsure of how they would turn out, but generally speaking I am rather pleased with them.

Here is my first view of Golden Princess (our home for the next 2 weeks).

After this fun experience the sun finally came up and this is how Golden Princess looked berthed at her Pier.

Next Post our visit to Lane Victory, a Victory Class WWII ship berthed beside Golden Princess.


  1. let me were awake at 6am and everyone else was asleep???
    you should have brought your grandson!!!! he would have been more than happy to keep you company at 6am. That might have been one of the mornings he was up at 5am :)

  2. Yes, but you must remember the time change thing, so it was really about 9 am (your time), so don't go getting any ideas on our next visit.