Monday, February 27, 2012

Golden Princess - The Piazza

The heart and sole of Golden Princess is clearly the Piazza. 

The piazza is a three story high central gathering area where anything of importance is associated.  During the day and evening there is live entertainment ranging from a pianist, a string quartet, and "street performers".  Just sit down and within moments something will be happening.

During our cruise, aside from the activities mentioned above there were artists actually creating painting as we watched and there was food carving and drink mixing.

In the middle of the Piazza is the Customer Service Desk,  Centrally located for easy access to address any of your needs or wishes.

Off the Piazza are a number of interesting locations:  Vines Bar and Store, International Cafe (both to be covered in future post), The Promenade Bar, and a number of stores.

Located on the bottom deck of the Piazza is the Internet Cafe and Library.

Next post:  International Cafe and Vines

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