Friday, February 24, 2012

The Welcome Aboard Show

Now I am about to commence, what I have come to believe is the third most contravercial subject on cruise ships.  This is a statement I am making from my own experience.  The subject:  Photo Taking of Princess Theatre Performances.  The first two most contravercial subjects are, of course, tipping and chair hogs, LOL.

Princess, unfortunately, make their pre show anouncements in the negative (what you can't do) rather than in the positive (what you can do).  They state that video recording, audio recording and flash photography is not permitted during the performances.  Well, by the process of elimination what remains is non-flash photography. 

So on the first night I set up my tripod with camera and prepared for the show.  First to approach me was the stage manager,as they assume a tripod means video is being taken and that was followed by a member of the Cruise Director Staff.  Once they were assured I was only taking still photos with no flash they were more than happy to allow me to continue.  I even approached Martyn (our CD) and asked him directly and he asssured me I was welcome and encouraged to continue taking all the photos I wished.

As a result of this I have the following photos taken from the first night of the cruise.  The Welcome Aboard Show intended to introduce us to the Cruise Director Staff, Entertainers, Elua (of course) and the Golden Princess Dancers.

Please Remember, click on any of the photos to see the larger view.
Cruise Dircetor Martyn

Performers from the Piazza:

ELUA - The Hawaiian Ambassadors:

Golden Princess Dancers:

Next Post the beginning of my 3D tour of Golden Princess Public Rooms

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