Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Golden Princess - Inside Promenade Deck

Of all the decks on Golden Princess this one commands the most attention.  All (just about all) nightlife takes place here as most all the bars are located here.  During the day this is where all the activities take place.  You can easily spend your day walking up and down this one deck and never notice the time passing.

At the front of the ship we find the Princess Theatre.

So let's first see the differently designed entrances to the Theatre.

And now the Theatre:

Moving towards the aft of Golden Princess we next come across the Crown Grill.  This is one of two specialty restaurants on board and this one features steak and lobster.  We dined here one night as it was spectacular, well owrth the extra 25 dollars.

Located in the same lobby area as Crown Grill you will find the Shore Excursions desk, where you can spen what little money you have on all kinds of lovely land voyages.  The one we went on was indeed special.  More on this later.

Moving towards the aft, after passing the casino and Piazza we next encounter the Explorer's Lounge.  This is were many of the trivia games and sock hop parties are held.

Still further back we next encounter the Wheelhourse Bar.  This is where early listening and dance music is played during the evening.  During the day, however, this is the location for the ukulele lessons, photos of this will be in an upcoming post.

Moving still further back we next encounter Sabatini's.  This is the second of two specialty restaurants.  This one have a distinctive Mediterranean Flavour to it and features many many courses covering all aspects of sea food.  This space is also used during the day for craft type activities and I will have photos of Orchid Lei Making Classes which were held here.

Immediately after Sabatini's you find the Photography department with all their photos on display.

And... at the very aft of Promenade Deck you will find the Vista Lounge.  I know they call it a lounge but what it really is, is a second Princess Theatre and they do have production shows in this location as well as in the forward theatre.

To me this was the most beautiful of all the lounges.  I found the seating comfortable and the proximity to the stage was such that the shows seemed somehow more personal here.

They also used this lounge for Bingo, Trivia and for the Hula Dance Lessions (photos to come later).

Wanting to save the best till last, the next post will be of the Outside Promenade Deck on Golden Princess.  This is my personal favorite of all the decks of Golden Princess.

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