Saturday, March 10, 2012

Day 3 at Sea (2)

You may notice my daily posts are getting smaller and smaller.  This in no way indicates a lack of activities but rather a rythem we have entered into.  So rather than repeat again and again that we attended the Hula or Ukulele classes I just skip over it and introduce that which is different from what has already been posted.

At dinner on this night we had the distinct privilage of having Rachel Dunham, the Golden Princess Naturalist joing us for dinner.

Not only did this give us an opportunity to talk with a lovely young lady and hear her life story enroute to joining Princess Cruises but she also assisted us in determining exactly what we should and should not spend time visiting while in Hilo Hawaii.  After all, one more sea day after this and we will be on land again. 

There is so much to see in Hilo that we wanted to ensure our decissions on what we were going to visit would not be a waste of time and leave us disappointed that we didn't go to another tourist location instead.

Rachel was full of information and happy to share.

After dinner off we went to be entertained for yet another evening.  Tonight in the theatre was a Juggler.  Not only was he as talented as all his former entertainers but he had a real down to earth sense of humour.  We enjoyed his show very much.

After this it was off to the Explorer's Lounge for the 50's Sock Hop.  This was a fun and energetic event lead by the Cruise Director Staff and they, of course, were all decked out in their 50's attire.  It was quite fun and we were glad we attended.  I was also happy to see how many of the guests participated.  That was a true testement to the efforts of the crew and their enthusiasm.

Next post:  Day 4 at sea, or as everyone else would know it as ..... Superbowl Sunday.  Superbowl on MUTS!!!

Comments or questions always welcome.

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