Friday, March 23, 2012

Honolulu - Our Arrival

Well Hilo was barely out of sight and not quite enough time for a good nights sleep before we had Honolulu on the horizon. 

This cruise is like having one dream right after another.  What a sight to watch our approach to Pier 10 by the Aloha Tower in the morning light.

I must state up front that of all the islands we visited, this one was our least favorite.  We found it very metroplized and for all the world,at times, you got the feeling this could be any city in any part of North America.  Very much unlike Hilo where you were constantly aware of the tropical island setting you were visiting.

That said, little could replace the views we were treated to on our arrival into Honolulu Harbour.

Next post, our tour through Honolulu, up to Diamond Head and a walk on Waikiki Beach.

Questions, comments always welcome.

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