Friday, March 2, 2012

Golden Princess - 1st Sea Day (1)

Well, now that we have toured Golden Princess there is no avoiding it ...  we woke this morning and we were at sea.

Now is probably the best time to take issue with Princess and their Moto:  "Escape Completely".  For those who pay close attention to the wording of things you will notice they do not say "Relax Completely", "Rest Completely" or "Unwind Completely", NO ... They Say "Escape Completely"!   I guess Princess lives by the belief that a change is as good as a rest, because there is no resting on this cruise.

We woke up today with an agenda already set.  Had to be up by 8 am and have a light breakfast delivered to the cabin so we could enjoy our view from the balcony.  Then, by 9 am we had to be at the Shore Excursions desk in order that we could get tickets to the Orchid Lei Making Class.  And, off we went at full speed, never to slow down again till we hit the bed that night.

Today, the seas were "slight" and it took some imagination to feel any movement resulting from the waves or swells of the ocean.  The ship was steady as a rock, and I must say, I was a little disappointed.  While I am not a fan of unbelievably rough seas, I do like to feel the ship rock as ships are the only form of transportation that offers this experience and I love it.  So our "slight seas" today were just a little bit of a let down.  Day 3 at sea would correct this problem for me, as you will see in upcoming posts, I even have 3D video of the big swells hitting the bow of Golden Princess.

So, having had breakfast, received our tickets to the Lei Making, off we went for our first event, Ukulele Lessons.  These were held in the Wheelhouse Lounge and were directed by Dave of Elua.  For those of you who do not know about Elua, let me just say this.  They are a duo, husband and wife team, who call themselves the Hawaiian  Ambassadors.  But they are so much more than that.

2 nicer people you could not ever hope to meet.  Add to this their talent, their ability and willingness to teach and their showmanship.  They both genuinely seem to enjoy seeing people learn what they have to offer.

Dave has taken the time to write songs in a "non" musical way such that a person who has never touched an instrument can immediately play a song.  What a feeling it was to be in the wheelhouse bar and hear a group of people, who had never met before, all playing a song by the end of the first lesson.  It was GREAT.

Now by the end of this exhausing adventure into So off we went for lunch!  Entering the dining room they had the most spectacular arrangement of flowers, so I had our traveling companion pose for a photo.

That takes care of the first morning of Golden Princess.  Next post covers the afternoon and will include the Orchid Lei Making Class, you don't want to miss that!

Questions and comments always welcome.

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