Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Honolulu - Pearl Harbor Welcome Center, Mighty Mo and USS Arizona

We did not intend to visit the USS Arizona Memorial, which was great considering the shuttle that day was discontinued due to weather.  As a result we did not encounter the diappointment many did.  I feel sorry for those who had hoped to make the treck. 

We on the other hand are aviation buffs so our wish was to visit Hickem Field and the Aviation Museum.  We did however get the opportunity to tour the Pearl Harbor Wecome Center and walk by Might MO before visiting the museum.

This was a great day and there was nothing about Pearl Harbor that disappointed us.  The feeling of just standing on the piece of land and envisioning what had transpired was a moving feeling that will not soon be forgotten.

Next post we visit the Aviation Museum at Hickem Field Pearl Harbor.

Questions or comments always welcome.

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